Monday, February 18, 2008

Training and homework

Today I worked out with trainer Blaine.

I am already sore. Very sore. Usually I'm sore the next day, and even worse the second day. No delayed onset today, just immediate punishment.

This is partially my own fault. I didn't take care of myself over the weekend, resulting in another near-shock episode. Not enough protein and food in general, too much exercise and stress in general, my body's refusal to lose weight, and bam! I nearly pass out while driving.

Today's workout was mostly shoulders and squats, trying to fix both my shoulder, and the quad/hamstring inequality every runner has. However, now my calves and hamstrings are so tight I'm looking at another injury if I don't work on it. So I'm supposed to stretch. A lot. And do yoga.

Functionally, yoga is great. It cures a lot of various athletic ills, but damn is it boring. I'm not a quiet introspective type of person. I like data, and action, and pain. Yoga is torture. I cannot sit still and think about my feelings for that long. And that chanting music makes me want to kill someone. I can do a long run or spin for hours so long as I can tune out, but I can't do that in yoga. And don't even get me started on the instructors wanting to help you ease into poses. Paws off. I barely trust my doctors and PT's. You, an unknown person of questionable qualifications are not allowed to touch me without permission and a full explanation of what you are going to atttempt.

I might try bikram yoga, that might be extreme enough to keep my attention.

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Rainmaker said...

Well, soreness at least means a good workout.

I've never tried Yoga - or spinning. Extreme versions of Yoga sound interesting.

As for your question - my coach is Ken Mierke (first google result).