Monday, March 30, 2009

Lucky Number 13

Unlucky Number 10

First of all, I apologize for the lameness of my posts lately. I am super burned out. Work and the increasing miles are sucking my life force, and the diet is preventing me from replenishing those stores with ice cream and pizza (my version of dilithium crystals). Coke Zero consumption is at an all time high though.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand.

I need to run 10 miles this weekend. This is assuming I ever complete my 9 miles from this past weekend. I’m giving the sore throat another day to make up its mind then I’m proceeding with running regardless.

The problem is that 10 miles is possibly a cursed number for me. I really like running 5 milers, 10Ks, and especially half marathons. 10 milers have historically been disastrous.

Let’s look back:
Cherry Blossom, a few years ago. Saturday is spent on a walking tour of the Tidal Basin and at the Smithsonian. Sunday I get up to run the race and feel like death. I bail. Sleep a lot and barely eat. Monday- kidney stone.
Cherry Blossom last year. I optimistically sign up. I get in. Unexpected Third Time’s The Charm shoulder surgery. I offload my race number and take walking tour again.
GW Parkway 10 miler. Supposed to run with S. I can’t remember what my issue was but I didn’t run it. And S got runner’s knee.
Baltimore 10 miler. I don’t remember what happened last year, just that I bailed on it for injury or illness again.

I really want to run the Baltimore 10 miler and I need to run 10 this weekend. I’m just worried that I’ll twist an ankle, tweak a knee, or blow out a kidney or something.

How do I break a running curse? Burn some sage? Throw a pair of new running shoes into a volcano?

Friday, March 27, 2009

It takes a week to run 8 miles

The final event of an Ironman is a marathon. That’s 26.2 miles for people who are too lazy to Wikipedia it or big fat cheaters like Dane.
Anyways, I’ve never run a full marathon. I’ve run a baker’s dozen of halfs (halves?), but not a full. I decided I need to run a full so I’ll know at IMFL that I can do it.

Originally, I had planned on running Shamrock. It’s pretty there, it won’t be too hot, and I’d have people who are obligated to take care of me there. Even though as they frequently remind me, they have a lot of life insurance on me.
I did not plan on getting sick twice and food poisoning so that plan was kind of screwed.

I got on and checked out other options. My logic was, I should travel for it, since it’s a cool way to explore the city. And I don’t really like to travel too far for tris, since it involves packing the bike and a lot of other gear. Running just requires shoes. Although I heard TSA will confiscate “The Stick”.

So I settled on San Francisco. It’s in July which gives me enough time to get settled in my training, not too close to the IM or any planned training halfs. And even in July it’s 50 degrees, so it won’t be miserable. And, you get to run across the Golden Gate Bridge. Awesome!

I hit both Hal Higdon’s site and the RW Smart Coach and came up with what I felt was a reasonable plan. Mostly cross training, since I do have two other sports to work on, with a medium run and a long run each week.

I’ve been sticking to the plan pretty well, not always on the day they’re scheduled, but gotten them done. Then came last weekend’s 8 miler. My last long run before recovery week. I so needed recovery week last week. I had that irrationally cranky burnout feeling.

I should have run on Saturday. I wasn’t feeling it. Biked instead. Went to Cheesecake Factory.
Sunday, woke up late. Abandoned plan to run loops at local park with friend. Watched Psych. No gym.
Monday, sleep deprived. Cranky.
Tuesday, intended to run on treadmill. Instead conference wore me out. Who knew standing was so exhausting?
Wednesday, should have been medium run day. I didn’t have to be at the conference until 10. Planned to get up at 7 and run before conference. Slept until 9.
Thursday. Migraine. Light hurt. Sound hurt. Moving even fractionally made me nauseous. Managed to drive home and ordered Angelico’s. Also, Smucker’s makes the best sugar free fudge ever.
Friday. Gave in to the recovery week. Researched possibilities to run on Saturday or Sunday. Went to swim lesson.
Saturday. Tried to run with Tri team. Made it three miles. Confusing course left me feeling unsafe. Also, eating Friday night and more Saturday morning would have been a better plan.
Sunday. Should have run 15K. Beautiful outside. Swam instead.

Monday. Finally freaking ran the F-ing 8 miles. On the TREADMILL. Really, painfully boring. Took two episodes of CSI Vegas to do it. Came home. Ate leftover Chinese food, ice cream from the carton, Smucker’s from the bottle, and fell asleep in my gym clothes.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Things I’ve Bought that I love Too

Last year I bought a Danskin tri kit. It was aqua with an aloha print, and possibly one of the most comfortable outfits I’ve ever owned. It’s soft. It never chafes. There are lots of pockets in good places, and breathes even on the hottest of days.

Last week, REI sent me a 20% off coupon and notification of my member rebate. What to spend it on? More water bottles for my protein shakes? New snowboarding goggles? Or the new Danskin tri suit. In PINK!!!

The patterend top was a bit busy and the totally pink top was too pink even for me, and I like pink. So I got the black top and shorts with a hint of 80’s pink printing. Pandarific.

Take another little piece of my heart

Since I decided to sign myself up for an Ironman, making sure I got my annual physical seemed like a good idea.
I’ve also been super prone to getting colds and other fun stuff from all my filthy germy friends, and I’ve been tired a lot. Like I’m good for about 3 days and then I need a break from life to catch up.

Yeah, that would be because I’m mildly anemic. And that was before they took what felt like a pint of blood out. I’m sure it was really only an ounce, but I swear I could hear the slurping straw at the bottom of the glass sound.
Problem (hopefully) easily solved. (Provided it’s not the result of a giant hole in my stomach).

The other news is my cholesterol and triglycerides are through the roof.

Let’s review:
I’m vegetarian
I do a cardio workout for at least an hour 4 times a week.
I almost exclusively use EVOO in cooking.
At home, I only eat low-fat cheese.
I only eat sugar-free low-fat ice cream and yogurt.
I rarely drink.

What. The. F?!!!!

How did this happen?

Am I sleep walking to McDonald’s?

Is Coke Zero made with lard?

Now I’m on a semi-restrictive diet for the next six months. Apparently if you have blood sugar issues, you can convert carbs to triglycerides instead of making them available for use. Awesome. So no bagels, no pasta, no Angelico’s for a while.
Oh and I’m physically incapable of carb loading.

Angry Panda.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

If I had a million dollars, Second Verse

In wanting to get updates on the Tour De France a couple years ago, I wound up on the Carmichael Training System’s emailing list.

Weekly, I get emails about climbing and biking camps all over the country. Since I don’t live in Boulder, it would require travel, hotel stays, etc. in addition to the (high) cost of the camp itself.

But if I ever became a lady of leisure, I would:
Hire a full time coach
Go to various sports camps for stuff I suck at
Pay someone to wash my hair once a week. Seriously, that’s divine.
Laser etch the Jolly Roger on the moon.
Get massages twice a week.

I would also do this:
“Welcome to The Surf Diva Costa Rica Surf Adventure!

Surf Diva School has enjoyed its reputation as the world's #1 surf school for women for more than 10 years! The original surf school opened in La Jolla, California in 1996. Since then, Surf Diva has taught thousands of women, men and children from all over the world how to surf. Based on this success, Surf Diva Surf School opened The Surf Diva Costa Rica Surf Adventure in 2004. Now in its fourth year, the all-inclusive surf camp for women and families is ideal for surf enthusiasts of every level from beginners to experienced wave-riders.”

What's Included:
Ground transportation to and from San Jose, Costa Rica
7 days, 6 nights accommodation
2 surf lessons each day, including equipment usage
Light, Surfer's Yoga 4 days a week
One massage for the week
Pre-surf fruit and coffee each day
Post-surf Costa Rican brunch each day
Dinner at a different restaurant each night
Surf Diva goody bag, including: Surf Diva tote, Surf Diva rashguard, Surf Diva flashlight, currency conversion chart, Surf Diva baseball hat, Surf Diva t-shirt

A crew teammate went, it was an anniversary gift from her husband. I looked it up and have been daydreaming about it ever since.

I’m from the beach, and I never learned to surf. And this just sounds like paradise.
Maybe next year. One fantasy at a time and this year is Ironman.


I used to love The Biggest Loser.

I know reality television is trashy. I know that the contestants represent a small, unrealistic population, I know the methods used are completely unreasonable. I loved it anyways.

I was especially happy with this season’s cast since they seemed to be in it to truly lose weight and get healthy, not for the money.

Apparently the black team missed the memo.

A little background:
Each week after a contestant is voted off, there’s a “Where are they now?” segment which shows how they’re adjusting to life at home, and incorporating their weight loss routine into their life.
Dane and Blaine are cousins who made up the original black team. Not to be confused with Jillian’s black team.

After Blaine was voted off, in his WATN segment he said he was training for an Ironman triathlon. Too bad his race is an F-ing OLY.

Let’s be clear about this: An Ironman is a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike, and a marathon which is a 26.2 mile run (paying attention to that last one Dane?). Period.

Wanting to sound cool does not justify flat out lying about what you’re training for. And NBC needs to get some integrity and find a fact checker.

After Dane was voted off, in his WATN segment, they depicted him finishing a marathon in 3:53.
Two problems:
The clock didn’t actually read 3:53. It read 5:53. NBC blamed burned out bulbs (snort), other sites say it’s obviously photoshopped. Draw your own conclusions.
They didn’t run the entire marathon. I don’t mean they took walk breaks. I mean they pulled a Rosie Ruiz, and were given a ride (some say for 3 miles) and then dropped off so NBC could get their money shot.

Dane gave a statement saying how proud he was to have run the entire marathon with his wife, and how proud he was to have finished in 3:54. Kind of shoots a hole in the burned out bulb excuse.

After several people who really did run a full marathon complained, Dane and later NBC came out with apologies over misleading viewers.
Dane said he went back later and ran the ridden miles so he could say he finished the whole marathon, but good luck trying to get anyone to believe that. He also blamed producers for pushing him into it.
Dane, you are a grown adult. YOU choose how you live your life and how you are perceived. YOU are responsible for your actions. The “Producers made me do it” excuse might have worked for the first reality show, but by now we’re all aware of the game.

The worst is the explanation that the film crew wanted a shot of them finishing, and they were worried they wouldn’t finish in time. Seriously? I think when you come with cameras and a big name network, the race will work around that for you. Or you could film the finish before the marathon starts- provided you actually run it. This is some f-ed up Jeffrey Dahmer logic.

Dane’s actions cheapened the accomplishments of people who actually did gut it out to the finish, regardless of how long it took them to finish or how few people would still be around to see it.
It’s offensive to the people who ran the race and finished fast. Their accomplishments have been overshadowed by your reality show media circus.
And it’s offensive to those who really did go home and achieve dreams they had put off while struggling with their weight.

They both disgust me.

Blaine can have a karmic misdemeanor for his offense, since it might have been an honest misunderstanding. Plausible, but I still call bullshit.
Dane has continued to display a lack of integrity previously only seen on episodes of “Rock of Love”. And I’m being generous here.

He refused to return the medal for a race he didn’t finish. And his wife made statements saying it isn’t a big deal since they received a ride for “only” three miles.
So, Dane, if I show up to a college football game, can I say I won the Heisman? Or does that only work when it’s you.

His wife also referenced “being in the industry”. I can only conclude that it was a publicity stunt from the beginning, and they never intended to finish the whole marathon.

Usually I have to have dated or worked with someone to hate them this much. You’re lucky it’s Lent or I’d put you on the Christmas List.

Links to form your own opinion. Feel free to cheer for anyone else if you decide to watch the finale. The thought of one of these cheaters winning $100 grand makes me want to vomit.