Saturday, March 14, 2009

Things I’ve Bought that I love Too

Last year I bought a Danskin tri kit. It was aqua with an aloha print, and possibly one of the most comfortable outfits I’ve ever owned. It’s soft. It never chafes. There are lots of pockets in good places, and breathes even on the hottest of days.

Last week, REI sent me a 20% off coupon and notification of my member rebate. What to spend it on? More water bottles for my protein shakes? New snowboarding goggles? Or the new Danskin tri suit. In PINK!!!

The patterend top was a bit busy and the totally pink top was too pink even for me, and I like pink. So I got the black top and shorts with a hint of 80’s pink printing. Pandarific.

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jeanne said...

oooh so pretty! maybe one day i can fit into something like that. i think i'm going back to extra large t-shirts.