Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Sweet Sixteen

I thought I should start blogging more often (as in more than once every quarter).
There's a group of people who do the whole Thursday Thirteen thing. But Thursdays are crappy days for me to blog, and I don't really care for the number 13.
So in the immortal words of Cartman, "Whatevah, I do what I want!".

1. I ran the Rock N Roll half marathon again.
2. It was slow but good.
3. I still hate crowds. And people. And crowds of people.
4. Someone ran as Woody from Toy Story.
5. My thyroid is all screwed up.
6. The doctors have no idea why.
7. One possible theory is iodine deficiency.
8. I would be the only person outside of the Ozarks to have that, if true.
9. And it's more proof that I need to live near an ocean.
10. I started a new job.
11. There's a gym in the bottom floor.
12. Which has a rowing machine!
13. Which is awesome because today started a new rowing challenge.
14. I think I'm going to go back to rowing next year.
15. I'm also leaning towards doing the Half tri with Team Fight.
16. But I'm not going to train for awhile, I'm super burned out.