Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Night and Day

This week's theme for spinning was Night and Day. As in: Sunday, Bloody, Sunday, Leavin' on the Midnight Train to Georgia, and Every Day is a Winding Road.

Also, as part of our homework, we were supposed to bring two jokes, at least one of which had to be clean. There were a lot of Jewish jokes, lawyer jokes, Catholic jokes, and blonde jokes. Most of which are not suitable for posting.

Huge bonus was that one of the ladies had made Mrs. Field's chocolate chunk cookies. Thanks to the hypoglycemia, I can't eat them, but they smelled amazing.

I had bought some Luna Moons to try out at spinning, since someone had brought Cliff Shots last week, and they treated me well. However, my moons were supposed to be pomegranate, which I love. Instead they tasted like cough syrup. Not in a good way either, like liquid amoxycillin.

My body then decided that it was going to be tormented with cold products, then it might as well be sick. Now I'm suffering dizzy spells, nausea, and insane hunger again. Awesome.

Which meant I missed my long run on Sunday.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Because you can't spell petulant without PT

My PT practice is severely overbooked. That or they're blowing me off. Either way I'm not really making progress at this point and I'm a little pissed about it.

I could have stopped therapy about a month ago if I didn't care about things like rowing, swimming, or snapping my bra on my own. But I do care about these things, a lot.

The drama started about a month ago. Apparently they got really busy and overbooked. When booking my set of 4 weeks, I was told there weren't slots open and we would have to play it by ear. Then came a week where I only had one session that week, which could seriously compromise my rehab. After bitching and moaning on my part, and notifying my therapist, the receptionist was told to work me in. For the last two weeks I've been double booked with another patient meaning that I spend the first 45 minutes of an hour long session doing circuit training by myself then at the end the therapist stretches things out.

Today was the end of my patience. I had been double booked with one therapist, I showed up to my appointment only to be told I had been bumped to a third therapist whom I had never met before. Every time I switch therapists there's a catch-up period where they try to figure out what I should be doing, what's normal for me, what I should be doing at home ...

I had also already told them that I would be trying to layer in activity as much as possible now that things are winding down. How do they know if swimming or rowing is causing damage or stability issues if they don't even know what my baseline is?

Most of all I'm irritated because this was all without notice. If they had told me this was how it was going to be when I booked my last set, I would have found a new practice and now it's too late.

I'm going to sit on it another day, and then talk to the ortho and get his opinion.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Heaven and Hell

Another weekend, another 3 hour spin class.
This week's theme was good and bad. Literally. The music was stuff like "Heaven must be missing an angel", "Sympathy for the Devil", and the theme to Charlie's Angels.
I have to say, I love 80's music, but I LOVE disco. I'm white, really white, like the picture to the right was taken on Labor Day. After a whole summer to turn say, ecru, or oatmeal, or eggshell. But not so white that I won't sing along to Donna Summer. Bad girls, I'm talking about the sad girls ...

This week's class was easier in terms of my overall fitness, but harder in that we were doing pyramids of effort, and it got a little monotonous. And dating New Boy means not amusing myself by checking out guys at the gym.

Sunday I dragged New Boy to the gym where I did pyramids on the treadmill. It was exhausting, but a good workout. One which could only be rewarded by chips, salsa, and ice cream.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Last year, all my resolutions were F'ed thanks to being injured. So we won't even revisit those since it makes me depressed.

This year I have only one, and I'm keeping it simple: Become a Gladiator on American Gladiators.

This may be my favorite show next to Burn Notice. It looks like the Most. Fun. Ever. It might even overtake Funded Mad Scientist as my dream job. To be clear, I don't want to be a contender, I want to be one of the Gladiators that tries to maim the contenders.

Top Ten Reasons Why American Gladiator is totally attainable:
10. I'm named after an action figure.
9. A silver lame 1980's asymmetrical cutout swimsuit is still more flattering than a crew unitard.
8. Swimming under 30 feet of fire is nothing compared to swimming through schools of stinging nettles (thanks TriAmerica).
7. I have a vacation home in Z5.
6. Flying down a zipwire onto a mattress is easy compared to getting off a ski lift with a snowboard and hitting East Coast ice.
5. Gauntlet, still easier than a triathlon swim.
4. Running uphill on the downhill treadmill easier than biking at Prince William Park.
3. New shoulder built by Cyberdyne Systems.
2. King of the Mountain challenge easier than negotiating DC government contracting.
1. One word: JOUST.

I'm sure there are things that would suck, that time of the month, helmet hair, letting some buffy win for ratings, but every job has it's drawbacks.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Water, water everywhere ...

Ran (liberal use of the term) around Burke Lake today. It was nice out if ridiculously windy.

Things I managed to forget: my inhaler, a water bottle.

I thought several times about mugging another runner for their water, except it would have involved outrunning them.

New boy ran with me partially due to a really crappy couple of days for us. I feel like crying should burn a lot of calories, it's so physically exhausting. Anyways, I'm glad I didn't run with the group this weekend, there's no way I could have done the slated seven miles.