Sunday, January 20, 2008

Heaven and Hell

Another weekend, another 3 hour spin class.
This week's theme was good and bad. Literally. The music was stuff like "Heaven must be missing an angel", "Sympathy for the Devil", and the theme to Charlie's Angels.
I have to say, I love 80's music, but I LOVE disco. I'm white, really white, like the picture to the right was taken on Labor Day. After a whole summer to turn say, ecru, or oatmeal, or eggshell. But not so white that I won't sing along to Donna Summer. Bad girls, I'm talking about the sad girls ...

This week's class was easier in terms of my overall fitness, but harder in that we were doing pyramids of effort, and it got a little monotonous. And dating New Boy means not amusing myself by checking out guys at the gym.

Sunday I dragged New Boy to the gym where I did pyramids on the treadmill. It was exhausting, but a good workout. One which could only be rewarded by chips, salsa, and ice cream.


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