Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Sweet Sixteen

Okay, I'm trying to get back to normal which includes posting.

1. I am super sick this week. A cold and bronchitis.
2. Not sure if this is related to kissing frogs.
3. Or running in sub-arctic weather.
4. Or lots of stress and travel.
5. Signing up for tons of races makes sense from the comfort of my couch
6. And pajamas.
7. Prices for Set-up Events races go up tomorrow ...
8. A supersprint the week after my marathon is reasonable, right?
9. Right?
10. I was considering the Icy 8 next week in prep for the marathon, and just for fun.
11. But now it's supposed to snow YET AGAIN.
12. I should probably start swimming soon.
13. Like a month ago.
14. I'm also considering field hockey again.
15. I can totally train for tris, row, play softball, and play field hockey, right?
16. I signed up for belly dance. Just for fun.