Monday, February 25, 2008

Opposites and Results

My plan for the weekend had been to essentially eat, sleep, and train since New Boy was out of town. What actually happened was I spent 36 straight hours in my pajamas watching movies and bridal shows. But I did make it to Rob's 3 hour spin class.

We were at a new location in DC this time. It was clean, sparkly, and the desk attendant didn't look at my boobs while talking to me. Everything was modern and sort of spa like, and the spin room had a disco ball. Things started to click: this was a gay gym. The 2Exist boxers for sale, the well-groomed men in abundance, oh yes this spin class would be FABULOUS. I only wish I would have worn my "I train to meet boys" t-shirt.

Our usual location is sort of a fishbowl and it's not uncommon for some guy to decide to conspicuously do his ab work right outside the window. I find this hilarious.

Anyways, the new spin room has not only a disco ball, but power meters and a flat screen tv. So we all got to watch tours of California from a bike-centric view. Not completely representative since the Bike-O-Vision didn't take an unplanned detour and get lost, or fall over after being able to unclip their feet, but it did make the time go by faster.

This week was a fundraiser for a bunch of clubbers who are doing Ride Across America. Now I'm all about environmentalism, but it seemed a little ironic that this race involves four team members and like 14 crew members flying across country to the start, and then the 4 riders are followed across country by like 2 support cars. Isn't that itself kind of a little bit of a carbon footprint. They're buying alternative enegry credits to off-set, but wouldn't the truly environmental thing to do be just doing a series of local races?

Anyways, even though I'm not sure I see the point, I'm supporting them anyways since that's what you do for team members and friends.

The theme this week was Opposites so the music was "Homeless" followed by "Our House", and stuff like "Love to hate you". And as always heavy on the disco.

The bike meters had a distance function which was revealing. I had vastly underestimated my miles during spinning. By nearly 50%. I feel like less of a loser knowing that I spun (span?) 62 miles.


Rainmaker said...

Wow, you spun for 62 miles? Yikes...and you didn't even move an inch.

The whole ab workout thing is pretty funny - what does someone like that think? That afterwards you're just going to go search for him and be like "So... I saw you doing your abs...".

Xena said...

Yeah, I think I might need to up the tension some.

I think I'd open with "Hey, do you work out?"

Boys are so silly.