Friday, February 15, 2008

I have a screw loose?

Wednesday, after utter disaster, I had my follow-up appointment with my orthopaedist.

I explained my difficulties with the PT, and my frustration that my shoulder STILL isn't right, and that the annoying burning pain was back.

He tried to torque my arm some, clearly expecting that I would have full range of motion, and expressed concern over it being painful. I'm guessing it shouldn't make me grit my teeth and growl. So I got an x-ray, which showed no bone fragments and no ... pin?

The story I got was not to worry since it is a very small pin. There was an odd flash along the same side in my upper back that they claimed was something I was wearing, maybe the reflective stripe on my UnderArmour tank top. Hmmm. I remember getting the x-ray for my broken leg and the crack was pretty clear (as was the obvious moved bone), and I once forgot to take my lavalier off when I had a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia and the greek letters came through clear enough to read. So where the hell is the pin in the picture?

Thursday, I get an MRI, which I expect to reveal absolutely nothing since all it showed last time was "inflamation" and when they got in to do the surgery my shoulder was dislocated and my labrum shredded. I fully expect a third trip to slumberland to fix it. Please let it heal in time for crew season. I could live without doing a tri this year, but I miss the water.

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Rainmaker said...

Bummer. At least if you're having an off day you can justifiably say you medically have a "Loose Screw". :)

When does crew season start? I know that it seems to run through late fall as I cycled down to a big race about 15 miles south of Alexandria on a river.