Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nausea Heartburn Indigestion

So last Tuesday I showed up for my first session with trainer Blaine. I had been feeling kind of weird, but okay. I got about halfway through before the random rolling nausea got too intense. Oddly enough, it was only really bad when doing things standing up, the ab work felt great.

The rest of the week I missed both crew workouts, missed my second trainer session, and had to shorten my PT sessions since even those brought nausea faster than stop and go traffic in a manual transmission truck.

Saturday, no spin class, no long run, no doing anything that started the world spinning.

This week I'm back on track with PT mostly, still feeling a bit weak, and made it to crew yesterday. I swear erging at an 18 is more frustrating than trying to run in Z2. I will never race at an 18, why do I have to practice in it? And if I'm at Z2 at a 22, why do I have to practice there?

At any rate, I made it through 30 minutes before discretion became the better part of valor and I left for the sake of the new burning pain I've been getting in the shoulder. According to the PT, it's sort of a lactic acid attack from bad posture and trying to stabilize the weak shoulder. So I'm supposed to lean back in my chair while working on the computer and keep it stretched.

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