Thursday, April 17, 2008

Weebles wobble but they don't flip over

This morning brought another exciting day of coxing.

Weird numbers meant we took out an eight and the new four and a few people stayed inside. I volunteered to stay in or cox since I wasn't feeling stellar and wound up coxing the new four.

The new four:
Someone from our team conned someone into donating the money to purchase a new four. Since the lobbying came from our team, we get to use the boat.

One caveat: Either it's rigged super high, or the gunnels are really low. Either way, there's not a lot of freeboard. It's like being on a very unstable see-saw.

On top of this, for some reason, our coach put our 230 pound power house at stroke, and a lightweight at 3 seat. So every stroke the boat flip-flopped with the weight shift.

This morning was the first time since I learned to row that I thought that we might flip.
We got waked by our coach twice and by the cops majorly once as they were speeding through a no wake zone to get to National harbor.

When you get waked, good physics says to keep going, and to try to be perpendicular to the wake. I did my part, the ladies did theirs, and we all stayed dry.

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