Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm a Winner!

No giant checks or Ed McMahon required.

Washington Running Report has a weekly trivia contest where the prizes are race entries.
The latest one was: Who is the oldest person to have won the JFK 50K?
Answer which won me an entry into the Rock N Roll half: Barry Salisbury
Marathon training starts this weekend, so hopefully I'll be in good shape to PR at RNR.

This in my inbox this morning. I'm famous!
"In the last issue, we asked, "Who is the oldest runner to win the JFK 50 Mile?" (Yours Truly) was the first to respond with the correct answer: Barry Salisbury (female, 50, who won in '06 with her time of 8:00:31). This week's question: What is the oldest continuously run race in Montgomery County? If you think you know the correct answer, be the first to respond to with the word "Trivia" in the subject line. You can win a comp entry to the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach! We will announce the winner in the next issue."

If you know the answer you could win a free entry to smoke me at RNR!


Rainmaker said...

Awesome, congrats! I plan on being down there again this year to watch some friends run it. Should be fun!

Jen said...

That's sweet! Would've been nice if it was a free entry into the JFK 50, then I would've tried for it.