Monday, April 28, 2008

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Sunday I had a group golf lesson through Things to Do DC. I had played a few times then I got into triathlon. Triathlon turned out to be a jealous girlfriend who demanded all sunny weekends. Now that I'm trying to restore a little balance, I wanted to get back into golf.
So Sunday morning I trekked up to Olney, MD to meet up with Max and get some pointers.

Our instructor was an adorable New Zealander who even had a Kiwi (bird) golf club cover. He did a great job explaining things in plain English, or at least simple terms :)

Kiwi: So what other sports do you play?
Me: Well I come from a hockey background.
Kiwi: Yeah, I can tell. You have the Happy Gilmore swing.

I had no idea but apparently I was taking a step every time I drive. So unless I'm going to chase someone after I take my shot I should quit doing that.

My other favorite moment:
Apparently some people lose their balance after driving so they stumble backward, pretend they did it on purpose and put their hand on their hip to watch the ball. This is called the "I'm a little teapot" finish. The name alone is enough to shame most people into fixing their weight distribution.

Putting and chipping were easier as those are pretty close to hockey. The pointers on where to have the ball in relation to my feet, and whether to put my weight on my front foot or my back foot helped a lot.

Sunday was cold. And misty so I never really got warm since I was damp the whole time. And since I got lost in Rockville on the way there, I didn't have time to stop and get Starbucks. However, you could temptingly see Starbucks from the upper deck of the driving range. Calling to us like a beacon in the cold.
After we were finished, Max and I agreed that food would be good, and coffee was imperative. We stopped at a hole in the wall Greek place where I was able to get decent spanikopita, and baklava to go. I was happy with my cardamom tea until we were leaving and realized they had turkish coffee. Doh!

Today I am sore in random patches of my shoulders and back, but I'm ready to go again soon. Maybe not until next week though.

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Rainmaker said...

Funny, I also played Golf on Sunday (late afternoon), as well as had Greek food. I only have greek food about twice a year, I think I need to have it more often.