Friday, April 11, 2008

"Good" friends

During a horrific fight, I walked away from New Boy and our year together. I would say that it broke my heart in half, but it was more like the way really stale bread implodes into dust.

Big thanks to everyone who kept me busy and for assuring me that I am not a bad person, aside from my taste in men.

Huge thanks to DC Rainmaker for the donation to the Race for the Cure and for generally being awesome.

An especially huge thanks goes out to Holly who sent the perfect email on my worst day. I'm glad to be of service at any time. Nothing that I've done in promoting the program compares to her having the strength to turn lemons into lemonade and get the Cancer to 5K program running.

Speaking of friends who are and do good, I will now shamelessly promote other people's events.
  • I used to volunteer regularly at the Veteran's hospital in DC. Nothing is sadder and more of a reality check than to see a Vet who is younger than us who is now disabled. Imagine the shock of returning home after being overseas coupled with the shock of adjusting to life with a disability. I'm not racing, but have offered to help out in a den mom capacity.

    Want the fastest swim split of your life? The Hudson River Olympic swim course is the fastest in the World! No one swims in the Hudson on purpose but you can! (Don't worry, it's perfectly safe--probably cleaner than the Potomac...)Want to be part of America's largest triathlon? Join Team PVA in raising funds for the Paralyzed Veterans of America Heritage Fund (! We have entries available, which include olympic-distance training plan/coaches, round-trip travel from Washington DC to NYC, your hotel room, and Team PVA racing kit! All we ask in return is that you raise $1600 for the PVA Heritage Fund. If you are not sure if you can raise that much money, contact us anyway!!

  • Fellow blogger and Team Z'er Iron Casey is raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I can tell you just how hard it is trying to come up with 4 grand.
    After you do your taxes Tuesday, you'll appreciate that donation to charity that much more. Plus, trivia!

    Hey folks! I'm holding a raffle/trivia night at O'Sullivan's next Wednesday (the 16th), beginning at 8:30.
    Prizes for $10 raffle tickets include gift certificates for local restaurants, gear from Lululemon, a signed Redskins picture and more.
    Twenty dollar tickets can be entered to win either an iPod Nano or a boat trip on the Chesapeake Bay.
    You can puchase tickets even if you won't be able to attend.
    Just make a donation to my site and email me to ensure I enter you into one of the raffles. In your email tell me which raffle you choose:#1: prize pool ($10 each)#2: iPod Nano ($20 each)#3: boat trip--
    Donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society:


The Lazy Triathlete said...

Sorry to hear about the implosion. You know I am always here for you.

Rainmaker said...

Bummer indeed. But like Lazy said - I'm always happy to help!