Friday, June 27, 2008

But what about the tattoo?

There's been a thread going on the DC Tri website about Ironman races in 2009. Since I have no actual training to entertain you with, I present to you the following puff piece.

I've been wanting to do an IM for a while. The spirit is willing but the flesh is, well, mangled.

In moments of delusional optimism, I've been eyeing the Beach 2 Battleship.
B2B is an iron distance race put on by one of my favorite race companies, Set-up Events. They're nice, their races are well run, they have a user-friendly informative website (I'm looking at you, Piranha Sports, seriously).

The biggest question is not how will I manage over 2 miles of swimming on a damaged shoulder, or how will I handle training for an IM when I've only (barely) done sprints, it's what to do about the tattoo?

It's not an IM branded event, so the M Dot isn't really appropriate. Not to mention it would involve explaining to everyone who asked that I would (in my dreams) have done an ironman distance event, that wasn't an actual Ironman.
I'm automatically nixing the idea of anything beach themed. 18 years of living at the beach has translated all dolphins, seahorses, and starfish into tourist trash.
And I kind of feel like a battleship could be badly misinterpreted, WUBA, etc.

So I will now open this up to discussion, if lightning strikes, and hell freezes over, and I get into and finish B2B what should the tattoo look like?

I'm aiming for something on the shoulder to cover all the surgical scars. Submit your designs now and keep me entertained on a Friday.


Rainmaker said...

I think you just go for the original logo...or just do an MDOT race. Or failing that - if you really want to go for straight up real estate you could put a sentance or something "I swam, biked and ran a long-ass-way - what about you?"...or something like that.

Holly said...

last time I checked IRONMAN was a distance...yeah the M-DOT logo is trademarked but the distance is the distance....

What if you did a tatoo that said 140.6 with some fancy filigree around it...Those in the *know* will know exactly what that means!