Thursday, June 26, 2008

Legally taking steroids. But not the fun kind.

Running outside+ asthma + swimming = bronchitis.

After missing quite a bit of training and fun, and OD-ing on zinc, I gave up and went to the doctor's.

Dr. P: So what are you training for this time that you got sick?
Me: Oh not much. Maybe a couple tris and a marathon.

Dr. P: Take the inhalable steroid.
Me: But they give me throat infections :P
Dr. P: Are you gargling afterwards?
Me: Yeah.
Dr. P: Are you spitting or swallowing?
Me: Bahahahahaha, cough cough cough.
Dr.P: Take the steroid and swallow when you gargle. Sigh.

So you have it straight from a medical professional. If you aren't swallowing, you aren't doing it right.

Me: So what kind of training am I allowed to do?
Dr.P: Sleeping
Me: Does that include biking if I keep it in Z2?
Dr.P: Sigh. Take the next couple days off.
Me: Can I run the 10K on Saturday?
Dr.P: How much longer do you want to be sick?
Me: Is this a trick question?

What's the fun of being on steroids if I'm not allowed to train?


Rainmaker said...

"Medical professional. If you aren't swallowing, you aren't doing it right"


Xena said...

So, an addendum.
I thoroughly read the package instructions just to make sure, and they say like three times NOT to swallow.

Insert joke about drug companies trying to screw you over here.