Monday, June 9, 2008

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ...

I got called out for not posting in a while. I've done some training here and there, but nothing really noteworthy. And I've been a little cranky, and posting snarky is okay. Posting flat out bitchy, kind of over the line.

Previously, on Iron Panda ...

I started swimming again. I'm still swimming about twice a week with a co-worker that I'm trying to sucker into doing a tri with me. I think he's coming around. It might help that he beats me down the lane every time. And racing him gives me a welcome distraction. The latest twist is movie trivia. You get a quote at the start, have to come up with the movie by the end of the lap. I desperately need a coach, but I'm kind of afraid at the same time. I put on my big girl pants and contacted DC Rainmaker's new coach. I'll report back later.

Marathon training is still going on. I missed some time to the trip home. I didn't run the RNR course like I wanted to, but I think in the future I'll be happy I spent the weekend cheering up mom, and not regretting the lost training day. I tweaked my knee somehow last week, so I laid off running for the week. I did run two 5K's this weekend, and those went well. "Race" reports to come.

Still not biking. There is something unique about the pressure that puts on my shoulder. I made it through about 30 minutes just on the spinner before I gave in. This will be an issue to discuss with the new coach if he's amenable. He's only supposed to be talking to me about swimming.

I go back to crew this week. Hoping everything goes well. I've already missed one regatta and will probably miss at least one more. Keep your fingers crossed that I have finished with bicep tendinitis and the dreaded ice cup therapy.

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Rainmaker said...

Ahh yes...the ice cup. The greatest meanest creation on earth.