Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend binge

So stress over the impending surgery, stress over my rommate moving out with next to no notice, and a series of seriously disturbing nightmares led to stress eating in a major way.

This in turn led to slightly more exercise than usual.

Saturday was Rob's 3 hour spin class back at the old gym. It was a reprise of the Mary Pat tribute class: the 5 W's and How.

Tri Clubber L brought her brother M who made us all sprint because he didn't take the hint on the name check. Then Rob let us play Screw Your Buddy. I'll let you guess who was everyone's buddy.

During class Rob, K, and L mentioned they were looking to do a long run on Sunday. Rob had signed up for the B&A half marathon that I did last year but it was sold out so L and I couldn't join. I mentioned a lovely 10 miler, but it was on the Eastern Shore 3 hours away. Later that day I found a great option in Columbia with a 10K and a 15K, perfect, and it started at 2pm, even more perfect. Too bad I was too lazy to run. I ended up getting in 40 minutes on the elliptical, with no hands this time.

I felt bad until Rob emailed everyone saying he had got up, gotten dressed, eaten his pre-race breakfast, and then gone back to bed.

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