Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pot Pouri

So I asked my PT if I could bike this weekend.

Can I run this weekend?

What would happend to me if I did?
Your shoulder will develop a reactionary inflamatory response, and you'll have chronic inflamation. It won't heal properly, it will never be right again, and Kaiser Soczei will kill you in your sleep.

So no fun yet.

In addition to trying bikram yoga I have decided to go back to ... ballet!
My leotard, tights, and ballet shoes came.
I talked to the guy at the ballet centre. They were super nice and not snooty. This should be good for some hilarious blogging later.

I read about Ryan Shay's autopsy today. Big reminder to get a physical and see a cardiologist when I'm ready to ramp my training back up.
HCM and MVP run in my family so there's some things that need to be addressed to make sure I don't die of a heart attack during a race.

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Rainmaker said...

Ballet would indeed require photographic proof.

Oh...and your comment a few days back about asking for some cooking, anytime.