Thursday, March 27, 2008

Brain Dead

I ate 4 servings of baklava and cheated and went for a 30 minute spin on the elliptical trainer sans arms. In the middle of my session I lost my ability to see out of my left eye. It was really bizarre, like the lens was there, just nothing was coming through. And a little bit of my right eye too.
As my heart rate came down, my vision was restored, but it was pretty scary.

I called the orthopaedist's office to get a ruling on whether it was caused by the shoulder. Last time, when my shoulder would tense up, I'd have problems with my left ear, and I was wondering if it hadn't swelled and pressed on a nerve somewhere.
The ortho said no, but to see my regular doctor.

I called my regular doctor. The nurse completely freaked out and told me to go to the ER. Ummm, no. My experience with ER's has been bad, generally they are not the best doctors and they cause more problems than they solve.
She then agreed to get me in to see my GP the next day.

I called my PT office to give them the heads up, they refused to treat me until I got the all clear from the cardiologist.

I go see my PCP, he agrees that it's probably caused by the hypoglycemia, or I might be anemic. Two invasive procedures and one more which forced me to repair tissue, and my being vegetarian, meant for a recipe for disaster. Not to mention the mass quantities of painkillers and Aleve.

I get blood drawn for everything from blood sugar to anemia to CBC.

I get an EKG which is fine.

The doctor recommends I see a cardiologist and a neurologist.
I get in to see the cardiologist, they do an echocardiogram and everything is fine.

I go back to the cardiologist who does a stress test. I was running one a treadmill at a 10% incline. They had to get my heart rate above 185 (good luck) and keep it there for something like 2 minutes. It was hard. I'm sort of convinced that if I didn't have a stroke doing that, I'm not going to.

The test comes out fine. Not going to die of a heart attack any time soon.

Second cardiologist thinks it might have been a migraine. I was under the impression that migraines were headaches. Whatever.

They have an issue of Gun & Garden in the waiting room. Awesome.

I try to make an appointment with the neurologist, they can't see me until mid-May. Is it just me or is that bad practice.

I get my note and go back to PT.

Following Monday
I get a post card from my GP, all my test results are fine but they don't say what they were. I call to find out, they never call back.

I get my eyes checked. The Dr. says my eyes are fine, not detaching any retinas, also thinks it's a migraine.
Seriously, aren't headaches an integral part of migraines?

I mention this to my PT, she is skeptical and asks that I see a neurologist anyways.

The GP still hasn't called back.

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