Sunday, January 28, 2007

Spinning my wheels...

Since things are not going well with the favorite boy, spent three hours at the gym trying to sort things out. Blaine, my trainer and dating Yoda, simply reminded me that all guys suck. Not terribly actionable advice. And believing that is not in my nature. Hoping that things will work themselves out. But for the first time in a long time, training didn't make it better. After an hour of lifting and two hours of spinning, I am just tired and sad.
Hoping tomorrow will bring clarity and my usual optimism.


Tyler said...

Sorry to hear that even working out couldn't take away your frustrations! The gym is usually my mainstay when I have issues that I need to deal with.

Xena said...

Thanks :)

My fabulous roommate Billy said, "Well let's just make him not your favorite boy anymore".
And not to date any more Army boys.

My parents are in town, so that helped some. Between that and the delayed onset muscle soreness, I didn't think about it too much today.

Tyler said...

LOL... That's one way to look at it. :) I work for the military, and I couldn't imagine dating someone in it.