Monday, January 8, 2007

This workout seriously kicked my butt ...

TNT had a running clinic at Potomac River Running this weekend to help improve our run techniques. Particularly since when you run after biking 56 miles, after having swum 1.2 miles, you're a bit tired and your form is a little goofy.

So there's this magic number of steps you're supposed to take per minute for maximum running efficiency, 180. Aside from this being further proof that the world is ruled by Pi and Fibonacci sequences, it gives a finite number to focus on while running.

To get to the all powerful number of 180 while running, we're supposed to practice bouncing in place in cadence, then doing a high kneed step to the 180 cadence, and finally, butt-kicks. Which are exactly what they sound like. I can just imagine doing this while running; talk about things that will make even the crazy homeless people cross the street to avoid you. Next we'll find out that banging my head against the wall is a good swim drill.

I will say that PRR is a good run shop and that Margie and family are good people.

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