Friday, July 11, 2008

Runtime Failure

DC Rainmaker has been talking up the Tuesday and Thursday night Pacers runs. Since I'm staying in that area for the next month, I thought I'd check them out.

With one run under my belt since finishing the good drugs, I headed over to Pacers to check out their runs. Double checked the time and location. I had been reassured that there were multiple pace groups, even one for slower than molasses in Siberia.

Too bad I didn't realize Tuesdays are the hill runs.

I got about halfway done when I started to feel like projectile vomiting was imminent. Then I got passed by my D-bag ex and his girlfriend. I should have expected that, after all it's the same route he and I used to run together when we were dating. Hopefully history only repeats itself in that manner, and he's not cheating on her with multiple girls.

Anyways, there was one big plus, I met two really nice girls who were doing the Galloway method who let me pace off of them.

Eat more during the day to make sure I don't tank.
Fill up Gelbot.
Go to Pacers.
Flat run, thank God.
Mizuno is offering to let us try their shoes for the run. I know I can really only wear Saucony, so pass.
Get to the turnaround point at Belle Haven, so hot I can't stand it. Take a field shower at the bathrooms.
Walk a mile trying to get my HR down, no matter what it never gets below 160.
Feel so nauseous I contemplate forcing myself to yak so I can feel better.
Get leers from fishermen on overpass, keep walking.

All I can figure is that I am not genetically engineered to run in the evenings. I almost exclusively run early in the morning. Or maybe it's the steroids?

I'm going to run Saturday. We'll see what happens.

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Rainmaker said...

Nice title.

Yes, I forgot to mention that Tuesay is always the hilly course, and Thursday is always the flat course (in Old Town during winter and on the river during Summer).

Hope your Saturday run went well! I'll be back out there Thursday this week. Looking forward to it.