Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blinded with science

Fellow tri clubber C posted a job opening for Discovery:

Wanna be on TV and travel to exotic places? We're looking for a fit, adventurous, and science-savvy host for a new documentary television series (think "Dirty Jobs" but for hard scientific expeditions). Feel free to forward around to any good candidates you know.


National Geographic Television is looking for a science-savvy, outdoor adventurer to host a new television series. Our host will travel to remote and dangerous places to help scientists gather data in order to find answers to some of the world’s most puzzling questions. You don’t have to have a science degree. Just prove that you are charismatic, adventurous, and have a broad knowledge of various branches of science. You’ll be talking with teams of scientists in the field, and translating what’s going on to our viewers. The ideal candidate will have a diverse range of experience in fields such as animal tagging, scuba diving, cave exploring, and rock climbing. Our host will be able to combine adventure with cutting edge science. Experience with high-tech equipment is also a plus.

Deadline: ASAP

The sooner it’s in, the more likely we are to consider you!

Send resumes, informal photos and/or headshots, video of yourself, and inquiries (electronic submissions preferred)

Send hard copies to:
Coordinator, Series Production
Attn: Science Series HostNational Geographic Television
1145 17th St. NWWashington DC, 20036

Okay, I had been job searching anyway, but wow, this looks so super awesome.

My dream job list now includes:
1. Pirate Ninja
2. Funded Mad Scientist
3. Gladiator on American Gladiators
4. Host of geeky science show.

I realize that I have a better chance of getting struck by lightning or actually finishing an ironman or really of both happening at the same time than getting this job, but why not at least try?

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