Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Post Secrets

Last week the Runner's World Daily Views Blog had a post about shameful activity. Either on the trails and roads, or most often relating to food. Some of the comments were funny, some flat out disturbing. Most disturbing was the guy who said he likes to give blood because of the high he gets post donation running. Best quote: "What ever happened to vomitoriums? I think they were on to something there." Funny but kind of concerning. Not as disturbing as the actual Post Secrets blog, that stuff is seriously dark.

And if this is you, they even have a t-shirt for it:
"I'm using my marathon training to get some time away from my girlfriend. I mean, I luv her, but it's just sooooo hard to ask for a night alone at my place just httin the remote.I should talk to her but really hate fighting anyways. So every other night it's a: "aaaww, not tonight honey, it's just that I have this long run tomorrow"

Your t-shirt: http://www.gymskinz.com/store/index.cgi/trashtalk/gymskinz/1207061/triathlon-apparel

I figure what with all the pop-tart and calzone eating people blog about, there should be plenty of you to post.

And DC Rainmaker, blueberry eating is NOT shameful enough for this.


My shamful behavior, lest you think I am an angel (snort, giggle):
  • I routinely call people out on trails for talking on their cell phones, not yielding, etc. just see last year's RNR half post.

  • I have in the last week: eaten an entire pineapple and olive pizza in one sitting, twice.

  • Last night I ate and entire calzone, again.

  • Last week I carb loaded with a box of ginger thins.

  • I ran last week in a tri top that I had worn to the beach, swam and ran in, and not washed before the last run.

  • I frequently pee while running in races.

  • I don't train with friends who are faster than me because I'm embarrassed about my pace.

Post your sins then say ten Hail Marys and watch the Tour for an hour.

1 comment:

Liz said...

You make me feel so much better, because I do stuff like that all the time!!

I ate a big Dairy Queen blizzard with brownie, cheesecake, banana, and peanuts the other night AND I don't wash my workout clothes like I should...