Monday, July 30, 2007

Z team for me

I just joined a new tri team- Team Z. It's based somewhat on the Team in Training model. So far, everyone seems to be friendly, and much less competitive thn the DC Tri club, although the two are not mutually exclusive. With luck and fast healing, I'll race a duathlon with them this fall, and a half ironman in the spring/early summer. Coach Ed seems to be a cool guy, chatty and laid back, and there's another newbie in the group, an adorable redhead who is also a Hokie, so that's pretty cool.

They showed a video of the team at IMLP last year and it made me realize just how bad I want that. I was most impressed by the shot of a girl finishing just 10 minutes before the cutoff, and they were still out there cheering for her. IMAZ is tantalizingly still open, but choosing a Team Z training schedule and visiting the orthopaedist's office served as something of a reality check. But that's another post.

Meanwhile, my homework for tonight is a 50' Z2 run and core exercises.

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