Monday, July 16, 2007

Because tacky shorts won't save your a$$

Yesterday, New Boy and I were driving from berry picking to custard and saw the most fantastically hideous bike shorts I have ever witnessed. They were hot pink, electric purple, and teal all over. Like a South Beach version of camoflauge.

After a series of snarky comments like: "Where do you even buy something like that?" "I don't think you can buy something like that anymore".

I turned to New Boy about to say "Well, at least she won't get hit by a car wearing those, you can't miss her " ... when no kidding, she was hit by an SUV. Like one of those VW "Holy ... Safe." commercials.

The cyclist was going with traffic, and in the crosswalk. The people in the SUV decided to make a right on red, and checked oncoming traffic, but didn't see the cyclist. Thankfully, coming from a dead stop, the SUV didn't have a lot of force, and the SUV stopped pretty quickly once she realized the cyclist was there. But the cyclist wasn't wearing a helmet! Had she hit the ground, she could have sustained some pretty serious head injuries. Although brain trauma from a previous crash would explain the decision to wear those shorts.

I promise not to make catty comments about your helmet hair, consider that a freebee, just ride safely.

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Andy said...

Hey, thanks for the kind words! I'm just taking it day by day.

I had no idea you had this site, either. Its great reading!