Monday, July 23, 2007

Back in the saddle ...

I was supposed to run a 10K on Saturday, my preferred distance. However, due to a complete lack of sleep on Friday night, I didn't make it out the door on time. I did however, succeed in watching You've Got Mail approximately 4 times between the hours of 11 and 4am when I couldn't sleep.

Sunday, due to the unscheduled rest day, New Boy and I went out biking. This was the first time I had been on my bike since October. I've been spinning in the gym, but haven't been out clipless in months.

Within the first five minutes of riding, we hit a stop sign and I couldn't get my feet unclipped. I "chose" falling over in lieu of potentially getting hit by a car. Very, very embarrassing, and also the kind of thing I would mercilessly tease someone else about, so you are free to laugh.
Note to self, buy trainer.

There was also a moment where I thought I might get to see the other side of my handlebars when the trail detoured and became sand and potholes. On the way back, I saw that I was the only idiot on a road bike who didn't dismount for that.

Later, I saw a couple walking excessively slowly in the middle of the trail, walking what appeared to be two Great Danes. Upon approach they proved not to be dogs, but deer!
Deer which the walkers were not quite sure how to avoid.
I can only imagine the deer said something like "On your left! Oooh look a butterfly! Wait, where are we going?"

While ridiculously short, it was a fun ride, and hopefully purged my clumsiness. New boy says I need to get my bike sense back. Bike sense .... shananananana.

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