Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Psychic Shoulder Part Deux

Last Friday, I rolled my virus laden arse off the sofa to head to the orthopaedist's office. I have to say, this is the doctor's office I like best. The magazines are things like SI or ESPN, the walls are Hokie maroon, there are signed pictures of various pro players everywhere, if they had beer it would make a great sportsbar.

So I saw the good doctor, he confirmed that it was still psychic despite resting it another four months, and I set up a date for sugery. He laughed and told me I was like every other patient, apparently, we all live with the pain forever, reach a threshold, and then want it fixed RIGHT NOW!

Two pieces of information I didn't want to hear:
1. I will fully be under general anesthesia.
2. After surgery, no anything at all for four days. Nothing fun for like two weeks. No biking for a month. No swimming for like three months. This pretty much F's my plans for IMAZ.

I've already started brainstoriming on how I'll keep training- elliptical? spinner? the dreaded deep water jogging?


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Kevin said...

Mock me? How dare you mock me? LOL.