Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year's Tri Resolutions

Okay I know I've done this like twelve times before and I never keep them because I keep getting injured.
Well I'm still injured but I need something to focus on, so here it is:

1. I want to do RAGBRAI. I think I can actually handle this one since the hip seems to hold up for biking.
I applied for it with super cycling friend J.

2. I'm signed up for Shamrock half.
I knew I couldn't heal in time for the full so I'm trying for the half. I'll probably walk a great deal of it, but I should be able to finish it.

3. If that goes well, I'm looking at the Seattle Rock N Roll full marathon.

4. Pacers run series. Hopefully I can do more of these that the one 5K I ran while still broken last year.

5. Kinetic half or if that goes completely sideways, the Rev 3 in Portland.

6. And if everything else goes magically according to plan, I'm looking at the Beach to Battleship full. It could happen. We had our first full eclipse in like 500 years or something this year, it could be my year.

What? It could be.

Stop looking at me like that, I'm not going to get injured again. Probably.

Hey look! It's Elvis!

(runs away)


The Lazy Triathlete said...

Elvis? Oh there he is!!!!

I have known you for what 5 years? You always have something broken or wounded!!

I am wishing you luck!!! :)

Xena said...

I may or may not have dropped down to the 8K since my hamstring is acting up ...

Are you home? For good?