Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have so been dreading writing this post. I guess in part because posting makes it real.

A few weeks ago I drove up to Martha's Vineyward for the MS Bike Ride. I had to stop halfway through. It felt like someone was dragging razor blades across my hip.

Needless to say, this was somewhat alarming. I got back got in to see the Orthopaedist and got a RX for PT.

Now I had previously spent 4 months in classic PT, and they had recommended I see a chiropractor. So this time I went to the chiro first.

This particular chiro specializes in the Graston technique and ART. I'm pretty sure Graston is Flemish for torture because that's essentially what it is. Although it does leave you feeling a lot looser and in less overall pain after a couple days, so I fully expect to come down with some sort of Stockholm syndrome.

The chiro confirmed I have a metric crapton of scar tissue in my body and that I am quite frankly, damaged goods. As painful as having scar tissue ripped from muscle is, nothing was as painful as what came next.

The chiro told me he never likes to tell people they can keep doing an activity but I *need* to stop running. He said I'll probably need a hip replacement in my lifetime and running is only bringing that eventuality into the nearer future. Like say 55 instead of 65.

I cried all the way home.

I cried later when I got home.

I cried the next day at work.

I did not punch the co-worker who said, "Well you can still walk on the treadmill".
Although I really wanted to. And I'm still fantasizing about it.

Then I emailed my old PT, who I'll most likely go to once I'm done with the chiro, for a second opinion.
Due to the severity and irreparable nature of my injury, nothing over a 10K.

So to be clear: no half marathons, which I've been doing 3-4 a year since I started seriously running. No marathon which I've been trying to work up to for two years. No Ironman, which has been a long term dream for years now.


What am I supposed to do now?

Then I cried again and ate two sugar free ice cream bars.

Just a tip: never eat two servings of anything sugar free, especially if you aren't supposed to run.

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