Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Sorry for not posting much lately. I was sick right before Thanksgiving. Sick over Christmas, in a minor car accident after New Year’s, and then sick again.
Coincidentally, there’s a warning out regarding peanut butter products. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock and missed it, here are the details:

Guess who ate a Kashi chewy peanut butter granola bar a week before they showed up on the list. And spent the next week being violently ill on and off. It was the same time frame the Norovirus was going around so they’re not 100% I had salmonella, but my symptoms lasted a long time and seemed more consistent with salmonella.

I am finally back to eating mass quantities of pizza, so everything is okay.


Rainmaker said...

:( Bummer's indeed. Hope you're all right post-crash.

Peanut butter fail makes me sad.

Xena said...

Seat belt caught me on the bad shoulder. Continuing problems with inflammation, especially when the weather changes like this week :(

I know! I love peanut butter!
Why do they have to be so devious.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

I just had an uncrustable!!! MMMMMMM