Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Body Movin

Saturday was the return of the 3 hour spin class. At least for me. People who didn't have evil colds over Thanksgiving and New Year's and get into car accidents started a few weeks ago.

The theme was body parts so there were a lot of songs with heart in them, Betty Davis Eyes, and You Were Always on My Mind (disco version). The only thing on my mind was my very, very sore saddle.

Meanwhile, the bike shop guy had given me a bottle of goop to try out. It come in a bottle that looks like a Fifth, and is curved to fit well in the back pocket of your jersey. It's supposed to shoot out one serving of this really liquid goo every time you squeeze it, sort of the bastard child of Gatorade and Gu. However, like a mule it got the worst of both parents. It was supposed to be orange flavored, but tasted more like orange peel. it was oddly bitter. It also leaked over EVERYTHING and is stickier than Superglue. I gave it to one of the guys in the class to try and he literally couldn't swallow it.
I dutifully called the bike shop to let them know how it went over and apparently there has been some similar feedback, great idea, but tastes like (insert body part here). I'll stick with Hammer gel and my Gelbot.


Rainmaker said...

Three hour spin? That's just crazy-talk. I could fly to Denver in that time!

Emily said...

Was this the workout at Contes with Andy M? I'm debating about going on 1/31 - so out of shape for biking fast/hard but need to get in said shape.

Xena said...

No, it's Rob's class held out of Level fitness. I haven't tried Andy's class, but I think Nikki has.