Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is this heaven? No, it's Maryland.

So, yeah. Sorry for not blogging. I have been sick and generally lame.

I swam for the first time in like 3 months so I could feel less guilty about not holding up my end of the National Club Challenge. I was lapped by the junior high school swim team.

I joined the mini gym across the street from my office. The treadmills have their own like 15" TV screens so I got to watch Sportscenter and CSI while I jogged on my lunch break. Unfortunately, there was an incident with a bottle of bath oil in my gym bag, so everything will smell like lavender for a while.

Anyways, a friend took me to the Gold's Gym in Bowie.
It. is. awesome.
They have a movie room where you can run, elliptical, or bike while you watch movies. I might never leave.
And they have bikes with like Bike-o-vision so as you pedal you get a bike's eye view.
And the machines all have places to plug headphones in so you can watch the Eagles game.
I'm moving in this weekend.

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