Monday, February 23, 2009

Night and Day

I might have slightly overtrained last week. I worked out 6 consecutive days, ending with a 7 mile run at the GW marathon relay (ask me about that race I dare you).
So all last week I felt like death. Just tired and worn out and like I was getting sick. I backed way off and ate a bunch of Cold Eeze but didn’t sleep much. I attempted to hit the gym Saturday and trying to run resulted in dead legs and wheezing. I traded in for the elliptical and ab work, and chased with Chinese food and Coldstone.
Sunday morning I had the 3 hour spin class. Can I say how bad I DID NOT WANT TO GO. But I had bailed on the last two classes and I didn’t think I could in good faith bail again. I ate my French toast and dragged my ass to class.
On the beltway. It’s snowing. Kind of a lot. Call R, no snow day. Class is still on. Sigh.

Get to class. The theme is Night and Day, so we heard songs like:
Midnight Train to Georgia
(BYO Pips)
Every Day is a Winding Road
This is the Night

It was kind of a sparse class Sunday, apparently quite a few people were sick, yet another cold going around. But the quieter group actually let me zone out more and just spin. It’s the best I’ve felt spinning in a while. And definitely better than I felt at the body parts class. When I got home, I was tired but definitely felt a lot better than I did Saturday, you could say a night and day difference.

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jeanne said...

so, how was that 7 miler anyhow?

where do you spin? a 3-hour class sounds awesome! it's probably about time to start training again, right?