Friday, March 23, 2007

Patient and Family Support

In addition to research, a major service is patient and family support. The following is a quick overview of some of the services. Sara Singer is the contact person. She is a real champion at the Society especially when it comes to helping out patients and families. Read on.

Family Support Groups
The Family Support Group Program is based on the idea that open communication is critical for coping with all the feelings that arise during illness. Professionally led groups help patients and family members discuss their anxieties with each other and with others who share the same burden. All patients, family members and friends affected by leukemia, Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma are invited to attend free of charge. First Connection Help for newly diagnosed patients is only a phone call away thanks to the Society's First Connection Program. The program matches newly diagnosed patients with others who share a similar diagnosis or situation to provide support, information and hope. The Trish Greene Back to School Program for Children with Cancer Information to help children make the transition from clinic to classroom is available for students, parents, educators and health care professionals.

Patient Education
The Society provides free information including literature, posters, videos, educational programs and public service advertising. Information is available through the chapter office as well as through the national Information Resource Center (IRC) at (800) 955-4572.
The chapter offers the following free public education programs:
Cancer: Keys to Survivorship
Clinical Trials
Meet the Expert on Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Patient Financial Aid Program
Limited funds are available on a reimbursement basis to assist with the payment of out-of-pocket costs for chemotherapy, radiation, some lab work and transportation to the oncologist's office.

Community Connections
Information about community resources available to assist you and your family can be obtained from our office. Patient-Related Volunteer Opportunities Help our local chapter at health fairs, special events and marrow donor drives, among other activities. You can make a difference.

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