Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My shoulder is psychic?

So, for while my shoulder has felt like there is a slow burning fire inside of it, occasionally like someone is shoving a hot poker underneath my shoulder blade and out the front.
I tried strengthening it with free weights under the supervision of Blaine, my Yoda. This ony produced two results: 1. Semi-immediately my pinky and ring finger would go numb. 2. Later, serious pain.
This also meant I couldn't swim, and for someone planning to do a half ironman, practicing swimming a mile is generally important.
So Yoda said "To the doctor you go".
(Actually, it was more like, "You get that shoulder checked out yet?" followed by eye-rolling after my "Not exactly ...")

So I journeyed to orthopaedic Mecca, AKA Reston, where I met with the two wise men: Dr. Fleeter and his fellow.
Omnidirectional rotation of my shoulder and an x-ray showed that I did not have a bone spur, as I had suspected. What I did have was scapular dyskinesis, rotator cuff tendenosis, and bicep tendenosis. Turns out being double-jointed is a bad thing.
This got me 6 weeks of physical therapy, and an MRI. And no doing anything fun that makes it hurt during that time, including swimming and rowing. Booooooooooo.

I do have to say I am super excited about the MRI. I mean how often do you get to see a color image of your internal organs when it doesn't involve something scary like cancer? I'm pretty freaked out about the injury, but from a geeky standpoint this is going to be cool.

The really, really bad part is that I will not be able to do the half ironman with the Team In Training crew, since I can't train on swimming, and my swimming base wasn't all that strong to start.
I am going to complete an event with them, it just might be a marathon instead. It all depends on the MRI and whether I have a torn rotator cuff, or just a wayward gummi bear that has gotten lodged in my shoulder.

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