Friday, November 21, 2008

Puppies, pools, and promises

I'm housesitting for a couple days for fellow Zer and blogger J.
She has a very stubborn pit/ bulldog mix, who is also completely adorable. You have to love a dog who brings you a toy every time you come in.
Puppy number two is some kind of a pointer mix, but she looks like a Weimaraner but less creepy. She's smoky gray, very delicate, and super snuggly. We watched Dodgeball last night on the sofa together.
And the kitty, who sounds like a Siamese when he meows and could stand to put a call in to Jenny Craig.

While at J's house checking on the assorted pets, I saw her swimsuit hanging on the bathroom dooknob. Hey, that kind of looks like a pirate. Hey, that's the Jolly Roger in pink! And it says "Arrrrrrrgh" on the butt! Awesome! Where on earth does one buy such a ridiculously awesome swimsuit? I check the tag and the answer is Splish. The best. swimsuit website. EVER!

My personal favorites:
The Pirate:
Perfect for swabbing the pool deck in.

The keystone cop:
Do you know how fast you were swimming?

The tuxedo, which is also available in Dumb and Dumber varieties:

Pink Elephant. As in ignoring the giant pink elephant in the room- that I can't swim to save my life.

Danger tape:
Truth in advertising

Da Bomb:

I'm a winner:
I don't know why but I cannot stop giggling over this.

Starry night:
Insert heavenly body joke here.

Never trust a big butt and a smile.

Best part, they also have awesome swim caps. And t-shirts. The only tricky part is a lot of the super awesome suits have spaghetti straps, not sure I can get away with that.

And Jeanne I promise that if I don't die training for IMFL that I will still do relays with you and Supersnail with obnoxious names. I'm shooting for the long ball, but I promise not to become a Fasthole.

I will always be an 8th grade humor, snuggly, obnoxious Panda. Iron, tungsten, or aluminum.


Rainmaker said...

Wow, those are awesome. Although, the girls ones are soooo much better than the guys. Boo!

Xena said...

The speedos are pretty cool though.

SuperSnail said...

You can't die at IMFL, you're my inspiration!!