Monday, November 17, 2008


The flu and other illnesses have prevented my starting the training plan for IMFL but today is the day. I am going to the gym and getting in my 45' Zone 2 run.

What I've been doing instead:

Cooking. A lot. Breakfast is my favorite meal and I've been making French toast, pancakes, rice pudding, bread pudding, Irish oatmeal, yummmmm.

Watching lots of TV - one of the stars of True Blood is a friend of a friend so I've been trying to help out the ratings. It's also a pretty awesome show.

And Dexter although this season has been kind of weak.

And the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. It is vapid, I know, but I LOVE this show.

Helping someone set up house.

A friend PCS'ed up here and I got dominion over the kitchen. I already own every kitchen appliance short of a KitchenAid, so it's fun to start again with someone else's house.

Writing Christmas cards! I send out about 150 every year. If you want one send me your mailing address.

Online Christmas shopping. Yay Amazon wish lists.

And I bit the bullet and signed up for crew winter conditioning. Sometime in January, you'll be able to wash your laundry on my abs. Heyo!


Rainmaker said...

You don't have a kitchenaid but own everything else? Now that's a fail. ;)

150 Christmas cards? Holy crap.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

I can't wait to wash my laundry on your abs. :)

jeanne said...

you're doing IMFL?!?!?!?! what did you do with to xena?!?

of course i want a christmas card. it will show other people how popular i am. the true spirit of christmas!