Monday, October 20, 2008

Want to Get Away?

So I've had a persistent cold for like 3 weeks on and off now. I haven't done much other than the elliptical. Not too exciting or worth blogging about. Wheezing and gasping, not so interesting.

So today I got an email about a sale on Zipp wheels, which I sent out to all the training groups. Unfortunately including the XXXX bike shop group. Needless to say, they didn't appreciate that. DOH! Will not be sending any emails until the filter is back in place.

Clearly I need to use this:

Feel free to entertain me with your own stories of stupendous BTK errors. Although I feel like I might be alone in being this stupid.

1 comment:

Rainmaker said...

They need to get over themselves (the XXXXX bike shop). Price wins unless they can provide a realistic reason (i.e. service) that one should purchase the wheels from them. And given that Zipp does all service at thier's kinda easy.