Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We. Are. Dead. And. This. Is. HELL!

Soooo, yeah. Rock N Roll was a bad day.

88 degrees. 85% humidity.

Everyone looked beaten. The spectators, the volunteers, the runners. All melting like a cheap bike bottle on the bottom rack of the dishwasher.

You know you've had a bad race when:

1. You finish a full hour after your goal time.

2. Your shoes look like Brian Sells'. http://dailyviews.runnersworld.com/2008/08/brian-sells-adv.html

3. You aren't sure you can even walk to the finish.

4. You cannot identify a single location in your body that doesn't hurt.

5. You're glad you lost your timing "chip" since it's means this travesty is only further on it's way to being forgotten.

The only thing that kept me from bailing was that there were a ton of cancer survivors there, and if they can finish, I had no reason not to.

They finished ahead of me, by the way.

Perhaps attempting a half marathon the week after Iron Girl was not a good plan ...

Nor was continuing to race even after repeatedly getting sick.

It's a steep learning curve.

1 comment:

Rainmaker said...

Hey, you did a good job pushing through it. Plenty of other people could have quite and just layed in the sand. But ya didn't. For that you get a success-boat.