Saturday, August 2, 2008

A rose by any other name

I got majorly sick after NJ, so this week was just a bike ride and a swim, nothing of note. I did get a throat infection so bad the nurse took a step back and said "Whoa!" when she went to swab me for the strep culture.

So using my evil powers of persuasion, and thanks to Holly's race report extolling the fun to be had at Muddy Buddy I have successfully suckered Jess into doing Muddy Buddy with me next year.
Much like IM is all about the tattoo (sarcasm), Muddy Buddy is all about the offensive names and funny costumes.
A little background, Jess is a fellow Team Z'er who is recovering from breast cancer. We really got together thanks to Holly's Cancer to 5K program. This time Jess will actually finish that program, provided she doesn't sacrifice any more ankles. Really the most accident prone people ever.

So knowing that, here are potential (offensive) team names:

Team Real and Fake
Don't you wish that you had Jessie's girls
Saving Second Base and Sliding into Home
Team All the Same in the Dark (goes with the real or fake)

And the more PG:
Team Hills and Veil
Bosom Muddy Buddies

I know there must be other names which would be funnier and could make for a good costume, so I open it up to you all. This is public though, so don't write anything you wouldn't want your mother to read.

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Rainmaker said...

"Team All the Same in the Dark" is pretty quality.