Friday, May 16, 2008

Peppers weren't that hot, softballs aren't that soft ...

Louie is S's dog. He's some kind of hound and very sweet and cute. He doesn't generally bark, and is a little too smart for everyone's good. He knows what is most important to you/your favorite and will find a way to access said object/paperwork/shoe and chew on it thus showing you his displeasure at being left alone while you are out having all the fun at work.

My plan was to run with Louie as much as possible, both because it's sort of like a doggie treadmill what with him pulling me down the street/into the bushes/ towards every blonde girl in sight, and because I was hoping if I wore him out, he would be too tired to eat anything in the apartment.

So Thursday I took Louie dog for a 45 minute jog around the neighborhood then ran off to a fundraiser dinner at Los Tios for church. Veggie fajitas, how do I love thee. Then I fell prey to the classic "Hey this is awful, try it!". Generally speaking I like spicy food. Not so much spicy hot, but spicy flavorful. Jopoppa however, loves all things hot and spicy. We used to grow habaneros in the back yard, and then they were in everything we ate for months. Because 1. peppers are the cockroach of plants, they can survive a nuclear holocaust. and 2. while the birds loved the figs and plums they wouldn't even get near the habanero bushes. Jopoppa can't really smell or taste anything anymore ...

So I got roped into eating some mystery green chile suace. Actually kind of good on the taco chips. Two keys to eating hot foods: eat with bread or milk products, chase with citrus.

Then it was off to softball with the church league. I was really hoping the game would be called for rain since I was really tired and wanted to get home in time to watch LOST. One girl from the opposing team turned out went to VT with me, and we knew each other from some sorority thing. Truth be told, I seem to recall I might have beaten her at some lame pseudo-sports charity thing like joust at Gold Rush or something. Hopefully I was nice about it. She didn't seem scarred or nervous, so I guess so.

Anways, so petite blonde VT girl is covering second base. Our runner is trying to avoid the tag and slide into the base. Instead he full on tackles her face first into the dirt. Hilarious, since no one got hurt. And very, very awkward for them.

I hit a couple grounders, a decent hit which was unfortunately caught, and a pop-up which I thankfully remembered to just run this time. All in all 3 runs, about 12% of our total scoring. I'd really like to up that number to 20%, but I need to get to the batting cage.

On one of the hits, I had eventually made it to second, batter gets a hit and I'm running for third. This cute little blonde girl is throwing to the 6'2" husky third baseman and beams it and clocks him in the face/neck with it. I have no idea how that didn't either break his jaw or knock him out. That seriously looked painful.

In the end, they beat us 22-20, and it was the most fun I've had at a softball game ever. Glad it didn't get rained out after all even if I did miss LOST.


Dan said...

Three runs out of twenty would be 15% of the scoring; but then you have to share credit for the people who batted you in. Your total contribution to the offense would depend on the total number of hits, positions of runners, etc. There are may fine books on sabremetrics if you want to learn more.

Louie is a Walker Hound. And I am a Know-it-all, clearly.

Rainmaker said...

A 42 run game? Holy cow - I sayz someone needs some d-fence (or pitching...). ;)

Xena said...

A. Nerd alert!
Thanks but I'll leave the arrays to you and stick with killing people.
Louie, Louie, Louie ooooooh yeah, who's been a bad puppy? Oooooooh yeah.

B. Dude, beer league softball.
"Because kickball is too competitive"