Monday, May 19, 2008

Germantown 5 miler

I needed to run 5 miles this weekend for the marathon training. I figure if I'm going to run, it might as well be on a supported course. It was really tempting to sign up last minute for the Marine Corps Half, but I've been feeling like I might be cultivating a kidney stone so I followed the training plan.

The last 5 miler I ran was also in Maryland, but it was pretty painful since I ran it the day after I got cleared for activity and like 11 days after my second shoulder procedure.

I got lost getting to the race site since the directions were not quite accurate, thank you race directors. And since they chose to not list an accurate location my Yahoo Maps directions were no help. I got there just in time to get my chip and run.

It was a beautiful day if a little chilly. I was wearing my long sleeve UnderArmor t-shirt from the Philly half to remind myself why I was up and in Maryland on a Saturday morning. The juggling runner was there, saw my shirt and asked if I had seen him at Philly. I said yeah, and a few other races, and even juggling he's beaten me every time. Juggling runner said to just keep running, that's all that matters.

I might add that not only did this guy beat me, he ran the Marine Corps Half the next day. Also while juggling.

The course was rolling hills which weren't too bad. I think I'm getting some strength back since they're getting easier. Thank you trainer Blaine, I will continue to do the accursed walking lunges :P

I almost accidentally cut the course since they had us run around a parking lot and the marking wasn't very clear on where to go.

It was a small race, so the finish wasn't huge, but hey free bagel. One thing though, I had requested and paid for a performance shirt but they didn't have any at all, and the race director was nowhere to be found when I asked about it. I even checked my receipt when I got home, and I'm not crazy, I did pay for a tech shirt.
It was a nice way to spend a Saturday morning, but I'm not sure I'd do the race again.

When I got home I begged Louie the walker hound to let me sleep for a half an hour, then took him for a two mile walk after eating half of my free bagel.

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