Thursday, June 7, 2007

Life's a Beach

Best new boy just finished gradschool and has had a stressful few months at work, so we headed off to vacation at Hilton Head Island. I had no vacation time what with a new-ish job and being sick and all, but went along at new boy's request. After all, I'll certainly be a handful with the training soon, and he took care of me when I had mono.

The first few days here were great for me getting work done (no vacation = working while on vacation) but not so good for new boy- it poured constantly. Wrath of God thunder and lightening storms. We did get a walk on the beach in. The sand here is hard packed, almost like concrete. As opposed to the bed which is like sleeping on a bag of leaves. The two combined after a two mile run yesterday to create a unique set of back pains. But as today promises to be lovely. Hot and humid but lovely, hopefully I'll make it out for another run.

BTW, I love Neutrogena's new sunscreeen. SPF 70!!!! means you won't burn no matter how pale you are, and it's dry touch so you don't feel greasy and your skin can breathe. And it smells like lily of the valley. A pleasant change from the cocoa butter smell I love.

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