Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pain in the Arse

So about a month ago I needed to run 18 miles in my plan to run the Shamrock marathon.
My plan: drive up to Columbia and run the 9miler with the Howard County Striders. And run it twice so I would make my 18.

Well I got there. And lo and behold, they had canceled the 9 miler and were only having the 2 and 6 miler. Now the 6 miler would be running the 2 mile loop 3 times.

Why? Because the trails were still covered with snow.
YA THINK?!!! Yes, maybe a week after we get 28" of snow the trails won't be shoveled or clear. Certainly no one could have checked that and posted it to your website before that day.

So I would be running the 2 mile course nine. times. to make 18.

Well instead I ran one mile of a ridiculously hilly course. Like straight up straight down. Immediately I felt something happen. Something bad.

I decided discretion was the better part of valor and headed back to my car after one loop.

The best part: people cheering me on the second mile as I'm limping back to the car. I wanted to scream, I have been running all winter!! I am not out of shape! I have a thyroid thing! I can run 9 times this!

It became pretty clear that I had done something serious. It HURT. And it wasn't getting better, really.

I had planned to go snowboarding the following weekend, it was too late to back out, and I had already paid for my share of the house.
Let's just say that while I made some awesome strides boarding but I also spent a lot of time drinking bourbon at the bar in tears from the pain.

I finally ponied up when my toes kept going numb on the left side.
After a frustrating exchange with a rocket scientist/ receptionist I got in to see my orthopaedist.

So not a piriformis injury like I was worried about. Not IT Band. It seems to be a hamstring pull and a dislocated hip/ torn labrum.
Apparently the clicking is a telltale sign.

Why does this seem familiar? Because it's the Exact. Same. Thing. I did to my shoulder.

The good news: I technically can't make it worse.
The bad news: It won't heal on it's own either.

I'm not psyched about having surgery again. But I think I'm the most pissed that I missed out on the best snowboarding season in like 15 years to run every weekend training for a marathon that I can't run.

Freaking lame.

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Rainmaker said...

You snowboarded with a dislocated hip? That's hardcore. Way hardcore.