Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Sweet Sixteen

Sorry that I suck at blogging. At least with these posts I'm at least blogging once a week.

1. I managed to at least bike once and row a bit.

2. This minor workout meant that the next day I woke up with my hip partially dislocated.

3. You know how the heel of your shoe sometimes folds in on itself? It felt like that.

4. I have yet to check out the gym at work.

5. I made it to the Gold's gym mecca in Maryland once.

6. Where some old guy coughed all over me for the entire workout

7. Apparently he missed the day in kindergarten when they go over "Cover your mouth when you cough".

8. And every CDC warning for the last like year.

9. I'm signing up for Team Fight again.

10. I'm doing the Half Full Triathlon.

11. Give me money.

12. Good luck next week at IMFL and B2B.

13. I've rediscovered a love for soup.

14. While yummy, not so good for fueling workouts.

15. I'm thinking about getting into trail running or hashing.
16. 2 Weeks until Suntrust, and the half I've been the least prepared for all year.

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