Monday, December 17, 2007

Erin Go Brrrrrrrrrrr

Friday, I got cleared to go forth and exercise, which was lucky since I had signed up for the Celtic Five Miler which was the next day.

It's not that I enjoy running in the freezing cold on hills, I don't. It's that this race always has the most awesome premiums. Gorgeous celtic designs on Brooks running gear. And cheap. I had already paid for the jacket and I couldn't very well wear the jacket without running the race. So Lead Legs Kevin and I hiked up to Baltimore for the privilege of running in sub-arctic temperatures.

It turned to be a pretty morning, clear and COLD. And a fair number of both the tri team and the tri club were there. I had a good time. It felt good to run. And I wasn't last, I was second to last, but I wasn't last. And that was fine considering all that had gone on in the weeks before, and that I stopped at the car to divest one of my fourteen layers of clothes. And I'm finally on the board with the USAT challenge.

People who run faster than me.

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